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What is it??

The Bin-Mates Ant-Stickers pack includes two 2 x 4" strips of Antimicrobial Touch Strips in a clear color. The strips are designed to be adhesive and easy to apply to surfaces, helping to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria in your workspace or home. The Silver Defender model is highly effective, and the strips are ideal for use in high-traffic areas or on frequently touched objects. These strips are a great addition to any workspace or home and can be used in a variety of settings, from hospitals and clinics to schools and offices. They are a simple and effective way to help keep your environment clean and hygienic, without the need for harsh chemicals or complicated cleaning procedures. With their durable and long-lasting design, these Antimicrobial Touch Strips are sure to be a valuable addition to your cleaning arsenal.


Silver Defender uses IONPURE Antimicrobial Technology, an EPA registered antimicrobial ingredient.

What is the active ingredient??

Silver nanoparticles..

Silver nanoparticles are well-known as the most universal antimicrobial substances due to their strong biocidal effect against microorganisms, which has been used for over the past decades to prevent and treat various diseases (Oei et al., 2012)

How does it work??


Antimicrobial Mechanism -”IONPURE” is 100% glass. It gradually dissolves as it touches moisture, and releases metal ions little by little. The metal ions stop the growth of bacteria so that the proliferation can be prevented and antimicrobial efficacy can be obtained.

What is it used for??

“Our films were developed to cover anything. And, our product cleaning effectiveness is supported by science. Antimicrobial protection is built in to protect our films. Additionally, our only ingredient is EPA registered for that use.” Silver Defender


Is it Federally approved??

Antimicrobial Protected Plastic kills Human Coronavirus and Covid-19 in international government regulated testing…

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